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pentagonzipline pentagonzipline

The pentagon of Konavle

The main attraction of Sveta Ana Adrenalin Park is the altitude training ground. Climbing gives us great pleasure from early childhood. The training ground is constructed of wooden poles ili pillars, connected by different elements – tasks and obstacles, creating two paths in the air, one at an altitude of 2-3 meters and the other at 8-12 meters, which a participant has to pass. The training ground exit is an 80 meters zipline. The training groung has a unique shape of a pentagon.

The purpose os these excercises is to overcome fear, practice balance, control and focus. It is fun and completely safe. All excercises are done under experienced instructors' surveillance.

paintball paintball


Adrenalin Park Sveta Ana offers professional paintball with sophisticated equipment. Markers are Tippman FT 12 model with air pressure tanks. Helmets with thermal masks that prevents blur and blocks UV rays. The paintball suit includes gloves and a vest. An instructor always follows and entertains the game.
Warfare skill stimulates tactical innovations for a common goal, human resources management and adrenalin.
The ground measures are an ideal 4000 m2 so that the teams have enough space for the game, and quick effect and contact at the same time. The location is a natural environment with mediterranean bush, integrated with wooden obstacles and stone walls. Diversity of elements on the field makes the game more interesting.

staza paintball

Shooting on garden dwarves

Take a slingshot or a paintball marker and shoot on hidden garden dwarves and mobile targets!

staza staza

Inflatables and elements for kids

Trampolines and two big inflatables are located in the Park and have blended with the environment:
- the Adrenalin trail, 4x12 meters in dimensions, creating two parallel trails with obstacles
- a 6 meters high toboggan.

A small adrenaline way made of rope and wooden elements stretches among the cypress trees.
Those elements are perfect for the children’s games but also for adults especially for teambuildings.

spinroller spinroller


The construction consists of three metal rings that move undependably one from another, connected with axis and bearings that gives the person tied in the middle a feeling of rotating in weightless state. Pilots and astronauts practice balance in free falling in these kinds of devices.

sumo arena sumo arena

Sumo arena

Dress up a spongy sumo fighter suit, become semi gods and fight with your opponent. Sumo
fighting is a full-contact sport where a fighter (rikishi) tries to throw the opponent out of the circle battleground (dohyō) or make him touch the ground with any part of his body except his feet. This sport originates from Japan and requires mind and harmony of the body.

zorbing zorbing


Zorbing is an activity where a participant enters a huge plastic balloon filled with air, within which he moves and makes the balloon roll on the field. It doesn't cause nausea, but an extraordinary feeling of mobility. Serves for individual entertainment but also for competitions.

streljastvo streljasstvo


This activity takes place in a separated field in the nature. Our instructor will teach you the archery discipline. The term archery is mentioned in literature, art, greek mythology, language, warfare theory and other places. The bow was a primary weapon in history, and many historians consider it equally important as the wheel and the fire.

In Asia, archery is a combat skill that is directed towards setting aside your personal ego. As a form of meditation in movement, archery is an ideal self-fulfilling technic as it requires control of every movement and breath as well as complete focus. The arrow released when the mind is calm with very little physical strength.

macevanje macevanje

Knightly swords fighting

Conceived as a knightly education, learn swords fighting aside our instructor, using wooden replicas of old swords. Feel the taste of old times when swords were parts of knight's body and mind, like a feather pen with which they recorded their legends. The sword has always been a symbol of power over others, but also over oneself because swords fighting requires focus and control of all moves in a stressful environment, control of opponent's moves and tactical previsions.

quad motocross

Mini Quad

Press the gas and have fun on our wild track for mini quads - action and speed in nature for everyone! The quads are electric, ecological and suitable for children. No prior knowledge is required.


pjesacka staza

Hikking path

Poljice is a beautiful place to relax. The adrenaline park lays at the foot of the hill Saint Elias offering a nice view of the sea and the countryside of Konavle. A path will lead you through the rural landscape and untouched nature. You will see cypresses, oaks, mushrooms, scented plants and can be pheasants, rabbits or mountain sheeps ... The trail is accessible to all, but sport shoes are recommended. It takes an hour's walk from the park to the summit.

otvoreni prostor zorbing

Open private space

The principle of open spaces has a long history in the development of the gardens of Dubrovnik. Today the modern landscape architecture rediscovers the benefits of such spaces with natural limits for the quality of the event they can provide. The adrenaline park offers an "open room" which is detached and at the same time is part of the park. It is equipped with light, electricity access, tables and chairs with a board to write. It is an ideal place for outdoor classes, small business meetings that end with a teambuilding or private events such as birthdays, cocktails, bachelor's or marriage parties ... the adrenaline park can provide catering from the restaurant in the park… Adrenaline park can insure catering from our restaurant.

seoska kuca

Restaurant, base et terrace for relaxing

At the park entrance is our house where there is an information point on the activities of the park, the pay desk and a sanitary space. In its extension are a wonderful shaded terrace for resting and a restaurant where you can enjoy drinks and various local dishes.




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