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Simply put, Splatmaster could call paintball for kids although he is equally attractive and entertaining for all age groups.

The JT Splatmaster gun or gun is a spring-loaded product that scratches the colored balls that burst into the target.

Ball speeds are up to 3 times less than for paintballs. The pellets are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and easy to wash with water. There are different types of games that can be played, and their basic division is: a shooting game or a mutual competition between teams within a polygon that can be in a forest environment or a special polygon within the center.

The JT Splatmaster equipment is designed so that children and adults can easily manage it.

The basic and only safety rule is that the game must have a paintball mask or a protective glass during the game.

The beating ball in the body is painless and harmless because the ball is inside its general (outer layer) of gelatin and is bursting at the stroke.

Each player gets a complete rifle kit, equal number of balls for every match, protective mask, gloves, chest protector and jersey (bring sports shoes).

The instructors make short training sessions before the start and are present throughout the game as judges within the game range.

Sveta Ana

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