Sveta Ana

Bubble Soccer

Bubble football or the so-called Zorbing is an adrenaline version of football, where it is not a decisive football technique, but it is essential to prevent an opponent from having possession of the ball and playing football. It is a completely new form of entertainment that is offered at the "Sveta Ana" Adrenaline Park.

It's football in large inflatable balloons. Except for the team having to score as many goals as goal is to knock as many rivals as possible. There is no misdemeanor in this activity because the offense is actually the goal, and for this reason, completely different rules apply to this type of sport.

What is it really about? Disruption, demolition, pushing, the basics are techniques to prevent an opponent from sticking to the goal. The initial kick is played in the style of a water polo, where the players on the line are waiting for the referee sign. Matches are normally played with 10 players, 5 on 5.

So those that think ordinary football is boring, they can put the the 10 kilos ball on them and try to play this variant of popular sports.

Sveta Ana

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