Sveta Ana

Battle Archery

Battle Archery is a combination of archery, border guards and paintball.

It is intended for all ages from 10 to 99. It is played on a specially designed playground, with arches and arrows that have sponges on the tops.

Each player gets a protective mask, hand guard, bow and arrows, and requires training at the beginning of the tournament.

The rules are similar to paintball in that each team starts on its own side of the court and aims to eliminate the opponent's goal.

However, the ultimate goal of the game is to hit all 5 rounds on the target that is located on the opponent's side of the pitch or to throw all the players from the rival team.

The game starts by having all the arrows located in the "safe" zone in the middle of the playground and the players run to the arrows each from their end of the field.

The thrusts in this game are completely painless and leave no trace on the skin, but for added safety it is necessary to use a face and eye protection.

The size of the playground for 5 players in the team is 30 x 15 meters. With 10 shelters and two targets.

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